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My thoughts on Robocop 2014


So I went and saw Robocop together with some friends tonight and I thought I’d share what I thought of the movie. I am a person who have not actually seen the old robocop movies so I went into this movie expecting an okay action flick and from that point I can say that it did not disappoint.

The movie brings a modern take of the situation in the world and  shows situations like the fear of bombings in the middle east solved with robots from the multi-national private military company Omnicorp and I really liked that part,  I think robots and cyborgs in a military combat situation works really well as a movie concept.
The movie explains these different parts throughout a news show led by Pat Novak, played by Samuel Jackson, which makes for some humorous moments in the film, especially at the end.

The movie also focuses a lot on the transformation of Alex Murphy, played by Joel Kinnaman a Swedish actor who plays his role very well. Joel does a good job playing both roles as a robot and a family man. The scenes with his family were well played even if I thought that they were not really the focus of the movie.

I think the transformation aspect was better displayed actually with the scenes with Dr. Dennet Norton, played by Gary Oldman where he does a really great job showing  the complications with transforming a human into a robot while having pressure from a company like Omnicorp that wants nothing but results, even though I thought that their requirements were a bit weird. They wanted a human robot that could act as a policeman but throughout the movie they are testing him more like he was going to be a military robot. It even shows when he finally is a police officer and instead of doing common police work he drives around on his bike shooting down criminals with dual wielding sub-machine guns.

And that’s where I think the movie fails a bit, it makes Alex Murphy more like some sort of superhero that has access to real-time surveillance of the whole city, which the public are apparently totally okay with. When I think the movie should have taken a more realistic look at it. If the police had access to all that surveillance, why did they not just use it themselves? Robocop are apparently arresting all those criminals with clear evidence that he can accuse them for on the spot. Which I sadly think rarely are the case with real police work.

But then again, robocop is clearly meant to be taken as an action movie and I thought the action was good, the only thing that bothered me is that instead of letting the movie soundtrack play during some shootouts, they instead played normal band music.

So in the end I really liked the movie, it was entertaining to watch from the beginning to the end and I can recommend it for anyone looking for a good action flick with a modern take on the classic Robocop. It was fast-paced and fun, had some emotional moments and a good feeling overall.

What I think they could have focused on more was the more social problems with having a robot patrolling the streets and the fact that our society are slowly moving more and more towards a future like this. Omnicorp is from what I understand a just a fictional name that refers to our private military contractors in the world.  We are already making huge progress with making unmanned robots and we are also having governments that monitor our mobile calls and internet traffic.

A future not too far from our own reality.